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Article Factory Pro is the newest SEO software to take care of all of our Search Engine Optimization needs.

It comes with a ton of great features and I’ll be highlighting a few of them.

First off its main purpose is to reduce the overall workload and to help users get that number one spot on Google search.

The first feature we’re going to talk about is the built in article spinner so there’s no longer a need to outsource and find others to do any article spinning.

Next it has the ability to store passwords and usernames for multiple websites so the user doesn’t need to remember tedious passwords.

There’s also the ability to edit HTML which is a huge relief for many users. Most people don’t have the time or effort to sit around and learn all the different specifications to use HTML such as how to bold and change colors based on text commands.

This program gives more of a Microsoft word view which makes it so much easier for users. In addition to that it has Copyscape built in to keep post and articles from looking like they were copied from other sources on the internet.

In addition to these great features there’s also a built in SEO score generator which will help give an idea of how good of a job users doing in advancing their websites. It does things like remind you about keywords, images, videos, and other factors that will progress users faster up on google.

This program will also help with adding snippets of information that are related to the user’s article to help make them more unique. As far as media is concerned Article Factory Pro has the ability to automatically search the internet for images and videos that relate to the topic at hand.

As far as automation goes there’s also the ability to set up post to be posted automatically so users don’t have to physically be sitting at a computer to post the article and can be done at any time of the day.

Lastly there’s a sale going on currently which gives 70% off on the pro version of article factory.

With all of this being said there are of course a few downsides to using this program.

The article spinning isn’t always 100% what users are looking for and sometimes there’ll be time wasted trying to fix articles once they’ve been spun to match exactly what users are looking for.

In addition to that when using the automated search for images and videos you don’t always find the best images or images that relate to the topic and sometimes extended searches will be needed.

Overall the biggest flaw in the software in the inability to be able to really hone in on what is needed and sometimes this will lead to a lack of specificity.

The price also might seem a bit high in comparison to other software that offers similar services but they aren’t all inclusive like this product nor do they offer as many features and depth as Article Factory Pro.

In conclusion I think this is an excellent product for anyone trying to boost their presence on the web and on google search and I would recommend anyone to give it a try. Lastly don’t forget to take advantage of the 70% off sale going on for the next few days!

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